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Uploading batches

We are giving paper surveys to get better response rate for our instruction survey. I have one of our work study students entering the data into the upload files. I would like her to be able to upload the files, how ever she would need to upload for 2 different libraries? is that possible for one account to load data for 2 locations?


Thanks for reaching out! You are only able to bulk upload your responses using the Excel template for one survey at at time. If you want to be able to analyze your data by location, you should create a different survey for every location and upload the responses for the separate locations into each separate survey.

Hope this help!

Gena, ACRL Program Coordinator

I’m trying to upload a batch via the upload file, but I keep getting and “an error has occurred” error. I’ve gotten 2 batched to upload successfully I can’t figure out the difference between the ones that are successful and the ones that are not.

I apologize that you are having difficulties! Please ensure that every single cell is filled in to ensure your form uploads properly. This includes the open response fields - if a respondent has left those blank, you can write “Blank” or “N/A” in the cell. Please email us directly at if you continue to experience issues.

Gena, ACRL Program Coordinator