Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Testing Features

A couple weeks ago I created surveys to test both online and paper input. I couldn’t advance further, to generate report and familiarize myself further with all the features, when I got the message input would be permanent if I submit data from manual/print survey. The single and multiple table to input data worked fine.

I just think it would be great if we had a “holding” area where we could test/play more with the system, then delete, before actual data for permanent record is inputted.



Thanks for your input Medaline! I will pass your feedback on to the Project Outcome for Academic Libraries Editorial Board to keep in mind for the future.

In the meantime, if you do wish to test the reporting feature, you can do so with a test survey and responses. Once you are done testing you can delete the test survey, and data collected from deleted surveys will no longer show up among the aggregate data. Hope this helps!

Gena, ACRL Program Coordinator

Hi Gena,

I was able to generate a report and then deleted the test survey. Just that it would be nice to play around some more, going at a deeper level.