Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

System filters location name


I’m testing the survey and I kept the default “Set Location for All Respondents”. However, it doesn’t include the entire location name, e.g. Pace University - Edward & Doris Mortola Library, the system only includes Pace University. Pace University has three libraries, the Law Library functions independently, however the other two Edward & Doris Mortola Library and Henry Birnbaum Library function similarly but in different locations. When we’ll want to compare data between Mortola and Birnbaum, the system as it’s set up will only provide Pace University as location.

How can we differentiate the libraries when we need to compare data? The Head of Instructional Services is responsible for both locations.



Hi Medaline,

I had to test this out a bit to figure it out. When you edit locations from your account management page there are two fields: “library name” and “minor name”. It turns out that in the survey management tool only the text entered in the “library name” field shows up as a location name, even though in some cases the actual library name was entered in the “minor name” field. I’ve fixed this for your university libraries, so now you should be able to set the locations using the names of your libraries.

Let me know if this works! Thanks!

All the best,
Sara (ACRL)

Hi Sara,

It worked! I also tested for Henry Birnbaum Library and was successful.

Thanks so much.