Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Setting up survey titles and dates

As I’m setting up my first survey, I’m wondering about the best way to organize it. We are doing Library Instruction, so I’m going to make that my title so that I can aggregate the LI data later.

If other users from my library use the same title, will I also be able to aggregate their data?

As far as dates, should I create a new survey and enter a new date for each LI session? Or should I enter the date range of the entire semester at one go and use the same survey for every class?

Thanks for any insights or suggestions you can share!


Thank you for your questions Kendra!

You are able to aggregate data from all the users at your institution by giving all the surveys the same program name. You can do this in step 2 of the survey creation process, making sure you use the exact same program name for every survey you wish to be connect. Each survey will need to be given a unique name to identify it in the system.

To answer your second question: if you anticipate needing to look at each classes data separately, we would recommend creating a different survey for each class. You are able to copy surveys in the tool, so it would be easy to create several version of the same survey.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Gena, ACRL Program Coordinator

Thank you! This is very helpful.