Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Research Survey

Here at UC Davis, we’re interested in using the research survey to get follow up feedback following consultations. We noticed in the Project Outcomes annual report that this survey isn’t as commonly used as the instruction survey, and there aren’t currently any case studies on how it was implemented.

We’re interested in connecting with other libraries that have used the research survey to get a sense of your experience with the following:

  • distribution strategy - how you coordinated systematic distribution of the survey across a number of librarians who conduct research consultations.

  • response rate - what response rate you were able to get, and strategies you used for increasing this response rate.

  • value - in general, how you have used the resulting data, and if it has been useful in making improvements to your research consult practice.

Thank you - we’d love to connect with any other libraries that are also interested in this topic. You can email me at if you’d like to connect.