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Report download option

Good Morning All,

Can the option to download report be added? Currently, it seems only print is provided. Working remotely, it would be great to download the report in PDF or Word format, which can be included in other areas, e.g. assessment webpage. Prior to COVID-19, I’d to print then scan to my email, save the file and to add it to where I want to include it.

If download was provided, I could save the report and then add it to a webpage. My task is incomplete, and will have to wait until campus reopens to scan after printing.



Hi Medaline,

Thanks for getting in touch! We will look into getting a download report option added. In the meantime, most browsers allow you to save a document as a PDF from the print menu. In Chrome you can select it form the “Destination” drop down menu and in Firefox the option is in the “Name” drop down menu.

Gena, ACRL Program Coordinator

Hi Gena,

Thanks for responding to my inquiry quickly.

In the preview window, there’s no option to access Firefox Name option, only opportunity to edit, confirm and print, and PDF & print instructions which takes me to this site.

I also noticed that if I select the report format that allows me to customize/modify the brief description, I don’t have the option to add or export open-ended responses. Whereas, if I use the quick format, where the option to modify the description is provided, I don’t get the option to add or export open-ended responses.

I thought the issue with logo was rectified. In the report process it’s not automatically added, instead in step 6 for logo is the “none” option already selected, and no provision to change it.




Thanks Gena. I was able to save to PDF. I resorted to using Build Report from top menu so that I can modify the brief description, as opposed to using Get Report from the individual surveys which doesn’t provide the option to customize the brief description.