Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Other languages - manually translating questions?

This toolkit is really interesting, but to use it in practice I would need to be able to translate the exact questions into Swedish (I don’t expect ACRL to do that, it’s comparatively a very small language). Is it possible that such a feature will come later? Or, could I otherwise make a translation outside of Project outcome, get my data and compare it with other libraries data Project outcome in some way without importing my data into Project outcome

Kind regards,
Jenny Betmark
(teaching librarian and coordinator of teaching in Sweden)

Hi Jenny,

Great question! We are currently working with our web developers to explore ways of adding more languages for the surveys over time.

For now, you are more than welcome to translate the surveys, administer them in Swedish, and upload the data to Project Outcome if you wish to take advantage of the benchmarking feature. If you are willing to share the translation, we would also be happy to make it available to other users via the resources in the toolkit. Just email it to

All the best,
Sara (ACRL)