Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Is anyone interested in doing research on Project Outcome?

Hi Folks,

I’ve been experimenting with using the surveys in a number of contexts, and I’m finding the reports useful with outreach to academic departments as well. This has led me to wonder how others are using Project Outcome. I’m considering doing some research, but first, I wanted to know if anyone is already doing research into this? Is anyone interested in doing this research? I’d be open to a multi-institution project if others are interested.

-Dianna Sachs
Western Michigan University

Hi Dianna,

We just started using Project Outcome, and right out of the box used the outreach forms for three programs hosted by the library, some with partnerships with other depts. We already were using a survey in Qualtrics for our library instruction, but plan to switch over to using the ones in Project Outcome. You are welcome to contact me about a potential project.

  • Rebecca Rose
    University of North Georgia

Hi Dianna and Rebecca,

Doing some research in this area has been at the back of my mind since I first heard about Project Outcome at ACRL in April. I began implementing the instruction surveys immediately upon my return. At this point, my library is using LibWizard, but I have found the templates here very useful.

All of this is to say that yes, I would be very interested in collaborating on this kind of research!

-Sarah Obenauf
New Mexico Tech

I, too, would be in interested in doing research on Project Outcome. We are currently in the exploration stage of using Project Outcome (i.e. should we use it/do we want to replace what we have, what are the benefits, limitations, etc.). I would definitely be interested in a multi-institution project.

Lamonica Sanford
Georgia College

I am doing a sort of pilot using Project Outcome and analyzing the results for a short poster presentation at a conference. I work outside of the US so my results might be slightly different because of the context, but I am happy to share results with the community!

Livia Piotto
John Cabot University, Rome, Italy