Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

How to encourage students to complete the post instruction survey?

We are having a hard time getting students to participate in the post-instruction survey. Does anyone have any ideas that might help motivate them?

We get great return rates when we do in-person instruction and use the paper form, but that’s not really a possibility for many at the moment. We have gotten bad return rates when using the e-forms and having students do them on their own time. If you’re in class or Zooming, you can set aside the time to do the e-form, and tell students to take out their devices and go to this website and fill out the form. That might help. I had a teacher assign her class to do the evaluations and of course got a good return rate from that one.

@lanning Thanks for your response! We will try the suggestion to have faculty assign the class to do the survey. Have a great weekend!

You too and good luck!