Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Delete Individual Responses

Because none of the questions are required on the surveys, respondees are able to submit a partially complete or incomplete survey that is incorporated into the overall data. Currently, we do not see a way to delete a blank or incomplete individual response or exclude that response from aggregate data reports. Is this an option that we are missing? Is it possible to make the default survey questions required for users? Thanks!

Hello! The dashboards and reports do not include non-responses, so if an incomplete survey is submitted, it will not be included. Additionally, response averages are calculated by question, so if a partially completed survey is submitted, only the answered questions will be included in dashboards and reports.

If you wish to delete individual responses, you can do so by going into a survey detail page, and next to the number of responses at the top there’s an “edit” link that brings up the bulk entry form. There you will see to the right next to each response line there’s a “delete” button.

I hope this answers your questions!

Gena, ACRL Program Officer