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Build Report - Date ranges?

I’ve started entering data into my first survey, which is super exciting, but I’m not sure I’m doing the dates correctly. My survey is set to run from 01/22/2020 (create date) to 06/01/2020 (end of semester). As I enter each instruction session’s responses, I’m changing the required date field from the default (01/22/2020) to the date the session was given.

I can get the report of all responses if I click on the “Get Report” link in Survey Management, and I can build a report out of the Data Dashboard that gives me results, but not if I enter a custom date range; the report gets built, but with no data in it.

Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the dates? I’d like to be able to run “this week in library instruction” reports, so custom date ranges instead of cumulative results (without having to create new surveys) would be awesome.


Hi Lillian,

This is a good question.

As it stands, the date filter for the dashboards and reports applies to program dates, rather than response dates. To get weekly results, you would need to either:

  1. export the raw data, which will contain the response dates, or
  2. create a new iteration of the same survey for each week’s responses. You can copy the existing survey, keep the same program name, but change the survey name and program date to reflect that particular week. You would then be able to create reports for each week’s survey, as well as for the overall program and semester using the program name and program date filters.

In the longer term, we think it might make sense to change the date filter to apply to response dates, so we’ll look into that option with our web developers.


Thanks, Sara; that makes sense. I would definitely love to see a filter for response dates added in the future.