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Adding Logo not saving

Good Morning,

I increased the logo dimension to 580x350 and size to 28.5 KB and when I click “Add Logos” then use the rectangular option to upload logo, the logo will appear in the box; however when I click “Add Logos” to save it, the page states Account updated successfully, yet there’s zero logo.

Original logo dimension is 160x108 size 19.3 KB, and since it must be 300x300 I increase the size but it’s not saving after upload. Any reason why?



Dear Medaline,

Thanks for letting us know. This appears to be a technical glitch. We have alerted the web developers and hope to get this fixed ASAP.

It does seem to be working to add logos directly to surveys when you create a survey in the survey management tool; it’s just the add logo function from the account page that isn’t working. We’ll let you know as soon as this has been fixed.

All the best,
Sara (ACRL)

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your quick response. I’m listening to various recordings to get a handle and best approach to use to win everyone over.